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Reconstruction Replacement

Water penetration at horizontal copings, sills or cornices of masonry facades requires the sealing of all wash surfaces. These joints neglected over time will allow water and moisture to attack structural steel in buildings.

To address parapet movement, the shifted brick must be demolished and rebuilt. Corner cracking calls for demolition and rebuilding of masonry, cleaning the structural steel and working closely with the design professional to detail a reconstruction program. The program will include the repair of any deficient steel, waterproofing, expansion placement, anchorage and installation of new masonry units.

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Stone Unit Replacement


If a stone unit deteriorates beyond repair, it may be more cost-effective to replace the stone unit itself. You can replace the stone unit with either manmade or natural materials. With a manufactured product, special sizes and shapes can be made and the characteristics controlled by the choice of ingredients. Molds can be made directly from the existing units.

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Composite Patch​

When limited areas of stone surfaces have exfoliated and decayed to the point where resurfacing is ineffective or unadvisable, composite patching may be used to reconstruct them. Using this technique, missing stone faces and modest sized projections are duplicated through a series of stucco-like applications of mortar mixes. The final application is treated to match the form and dressing of the original surface.


Dutchman Repair

Dutchman repairs are useful for replacing small, missing or deteriorated sections of stone. The hole is trimmed and squared. An insert of either matching neutral stone or a compatible cast stone facsimile is cut to size and surfaced to match the existing material. Once in place the dutchman is wedged and bonded with epoxy or other adhesive.

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Stone Pointing

The most basic repair of stonework is repointing. As in all repointing work, three major criteria must be met: 1) the repointing should re-establish the surface continuity of the wall, leaving no opening through which water can enter; 2) the mortar should be softer and have lower compressive strength than the stonework; 3) the mortar should match the color and texture of the original.

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Brick Repointing

Repointing, also known as pointing, is the process of removing deteriorated mortar from the joints of a masonry wall and replacing it with new mortar. When properly done, repointing restores the visual and physical integrity of the masonry.

Brick Replacement

Displaced masonry, such as bulging face brick or corner and column cracks should be completely removed. After correcting structural steel and support deficiencies, new masonry units to match existing are installed. Replaced sections of masonry are tied into the backup masonry and structural steel with non-corrosive anchors.

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Façade Pinning

On many older buildings the façade does not need to be entirely replaced. Deerpath uses a variety of pinning techniques that we have experience with. We also can adapt our methods to suit the needs of your building engineers and architects. We aim for the right solution, not just our solution.