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Historical Restoration

With over 40 years of experience, Deerpath has become an established leader in the field of historical restoration and preservation. Deerpath provides optimum professionalism, with an experienced staff that will work with you or in collaboration with your professional services, to help find the right solution for you. Let us take you through the services that can help restore your building to its finest.

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Masonry Cleaning

Water Curtain Method 1

Water Curtain Method

Prolonged spraying or misting with water is particularly effective for cleaning limestone and marble. Water is distributed through lengths of pipe with non-ferrous spray nozzles hung from moveable scaffolding that sprays a continuous or intermittent mist over the masonry surface. This is a very gentle method to use on historic masonry.​

Chemical Cleaning 114 5th Ave


Chemical cleaners remove dirt, as well as paint and other coatings, metallic, plant stains, and graffiti. Chemical cleaners used to remove dirt and soiling include acids, alkalis, and organic compounds.​

Micro Abrasive Cleaning Replacement


Micro abrasive cleaning includes a dry or wet method using such materials as Dolomite powder, Aluminum Oxide, micro glass beads, and others. Highly trained professionals must perform it under very controlled circumstances. Some systems are self-contained which are environmentally preferred.​


Latex cleaners are suitable for interior cleaning to remove pollution and dust from all kinds of surfaces. Latex cleaning can easily be done while the building is occupied, as it uses remarkably little water, and generates no dust. Based on a specifically formulated natural latex rubber, it is effective for the removal of soiling from architectural surfaces, including natural stone, brick, terracotta, concrete, plaster and marble.​